Početna Renato Igrec

Renato Igrec

As part of the Union d.d.'s and PARK Hotel's involvement with local artists and civil society actors, we bring the works of Dr. Renato Igrec                         


Renato Igrec (born 1979) is a self-taught artist from Cakovec. He graduated from elementary school and general high school in his hometown, and in 2004 graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb. Since 2018 he lives and works in Austria, with his family. By profession, surgeon working in the department of orthopedics and traumatology at LKH Uni Graz.

In addition to drawing and painting, his passion is traditional martial arts and watching natural movement as a way of exercise.

In his work he primarily deals with portraits of humans and animals and studies of the anatomy of the human body. It focuses on hyper-, photo- and surrealism. Most commonly used techniques are graphite and charcoal, but he likes to paint in watercolor, painting with acrylic paints, or drawing with soft (dry) pastel and colored pencil.

Works can be purchased immediately, downloaded at the end of the exhibition, whether fitted or not, all by appointment directly with the artist.