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Međimurje "The flower garden of Croatia"

Welcome to northern corner of Croatia, which is bordered by the rivers Mura and Drava from which Međimurje got its name. This is the area where the slopes of The Alps meet the Panonia Plains, a place with hills covered with vineyards, fertile plains and hardworking, cheerful people.

Experience the charm of Međimurje full of cultural, ethnographic and historical sights and above all, the diversity of natural beauty, which is why Međimurje has been named “the flower garden of Croatia“. Beautiful gardens and yards, numerous trades and hardworking people are definitely one of the symbols of Međimurje today.

Located at the very doorstep of Mitteleurope, it is the best transport link in Croatia with the rest of Europe. This is where tradition meets contemporary, and where both Croatian and European are at its best.

Learn about the unique old trades of Međimurje, the smithies, lace making workshops, weaving rooms, the well-known songs of Lower Međimurje. Learn about the people, legends and customs. Explore the spirit of the noble family Zrinski in the castle in Čakovec, visit the castle Feštetić, the unique Rageroir's frescoes in the gothic church St. Jeronim in Štrigova,the local ethnographic collection in Sveta Marija or Kotoriba, the floating mill on the river Mura which is unique in Croatia, as well as many other  cultural and historical sights that Međimurje has to offer.

If you enjoy nature, experience the adventure of bike trails over hills covered with hundreds of vineyards and wineries. Experiece the forests and fields, go rinse gold on the Drava River shoals. Go and witness the beauty of the Mura and Drava estuary where you will see many rare plant and animal species. While travelling around, visit the small traditional restaurants and enjoy the traditional dishes and best wines.