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The Old Town Zrinski

The Old Town Zrinski is a fortifed aristocratic castle in the centre of Čakovec surrounded by the city park.  It is the most important and best preserved construction building of this kind in Međimurje. 

It was the headquarters and residence of the noble family Zrinski during the period when their power was at its peak(16th and 17th century). It was first mentioned in the 13th century when it was a wooden tower(Čak's tower), the founder of which was count Demeter Csak after whom Čakovec was named.In the 16th century Nikola Šubić Zrinski coverted the fortress into a Renaissance castle(castellum) which was protected by bastions and walls, and which was surrounded by lakes.

Today, the Old Town is a symbol of Međimurje's tradition and identity. It is a heritage monument and cultural property of national value. The Local Museum of Međimurje is in the castle, and it has 19 thousand items in 51 collections and an open permanent exhibition.